A quick update for all Great Barrier Reef Marathoners and CitiRunners.

First some great news.

Congratulations are due to the Run for the Reef scientists who have managed the impossible.

Adam Barnett and the team from JCU have tagged 5 whale sharks and 1 manta ray on the Great Barrier Reef.

The information from these tags will provide invaluable information on these mega mouths of the ocean. An awesome achievement by the Run for the Reef team made possible by your support.

In regard to the Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival... we are disappointed to confirm that there will be no event next year in 2020.

As previously mentioned our plan had been to run 20 simultaneous CitiRun Run for the Reef events in March 2020 bringing a Great Barrier Reef Running Festival back to Port Douglas the following month. 

These plans have now been moved to 2021 but we are progressing very positive at the moment.

I hope you can all appreciate this is a large task to pull together. The national CitiRun event takes time. However we believe we are almost there.

The 20 events will happen in April/May 2021 with 1km, 5km and 10km simultaneous events planned for all Australian capitals and major regional cities including 4 CitiRuns in New Zealand.

As mentioned we are still working bringing a short course Great Barrier Reef Running Festival back in Port Douglas - back home where with your help the Run for the Reef all started.

Thanks for your patience. We hope we can provide you with more news soon.

Have a wonderful Christmas and NY and we will be back in contact in 2020.


From the Run for the Reef team.