Doing it for the reef ...

As one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and Australia's most remarkable natural asset, the Great Barrier Reef must be preserved for generations to come. As an event that is hosted on the fringe of the Coral Sea located in a region that thrives from tourism that benefits from the reef, it is our duty to give back and to assist in the preservation and conservation of the reef. And we encourage you, to join us.

"Put simply, the Great Barrier Reef is a living National and World treasure. We must save it now."

- Sir David Attenborough

So when you put on your runners on 28 October, you're not only running for your health, you're running for the health of the reef. Why not help us make an even bigger difference by setting up your own Everyday Hero page and calling on your friends to support you.

Run for the Reef & the Whale Sharks!

The Run for the Great Barrier Reef Research Fund was established in 2014 in a partnership between the Tropical Journeys Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival and James Cook University. The Fund is maintained under the auspice of JCU and is governed by an independent board. It is this board that selects the project in which will become the beneficiary for funds raised through the Marathon Festival, CITYRUN and individual fundraising via Everyday Hero.

From each registration in the Steve Moneghetti Marathon and the Sheraton Mirage Grand Resort Half Marathon, $20 is donated directly to the fund. To date we have raised over $80,000. Runners are encouraged to assist where possible by setting up an Everyday Hero account and calling on their peers to donate and support them in their endeavours to achieve new goals.

All funds raised will go directly to the research by the amazing crew at Biopixel who are studying Whale Sharks and Manta Rays - trying to find out:

  • Why international whale shark numbers have dropped so much that they have been added to the Endangered Species list
  • Why unprecedented juvenile whale sharks are gathering on the Great Barrier Reef
  • And to bring worldwide recognition of the Coral Sea as a juvenile whale shark sanctuary



To date runners have raised over $80,000 for the Run for the Great Barrier Reef Fund


A video posted by Adam Stern (@adamfreediver) on

Meet Adam Stern:

Adam is shown in the footage above and is one of a handful of people who have swum with a Whale Sharks on the Great Barrier Reef. Adam is the current Australian Free Diver Champion and is based in Cairns.

"Whale Sharks need our help please give generously to help the Run for the Reef Research Team find out why these spectacular creatures have mysteriously reduced in numbers across the planet." 

                                                                                                                                            Adam Stern