Frequently asked questions

1.Are the courses flat?
  • 2.3km Junior Challenge is flat.
  • 5km CALYPSO 5000 course is flat although a component of the event is on the beach, of which runners need to exit.
  • The 10km Newsport Daily is flat.
  • The 21.1km Sheraton Mirage Resort Half Marathon is mostly flat but a little trail/undulation.
  • The 42.195km Steve Moneghetti Marathon is an adventure trail run with an undulating course including a 2km incline over 320m up the "Bump Track". Runners will hit the Bump Track at the 12km mark. See elevation map
See details on all courses here.
2.Who is allowed on the course?

Our courses will take in public beach areas, national park tracks and roadways and the main street of Port Douglas. Every effort will be made to ensure registered participants have free and safe access on all areas of the course, however participants are responsible for their own safety and must take extreme care on all parts of the course.

Participants must be aware of the adventurous nature of the course and take particular care in difficult terrain and in the crossing of any roadways.

3.Will there be water and refreshment stations?
There will be ample refreshment stations with both Water and Endura Sports Nutrition available every 2 -3kms. For more information please call 07 4099 4100.  
4.Are there toilets on course?
Yes. Please refer to course maps closer to race day for exact allocation of toilets per distance course.
5.Will medical help be available on course?
Medical conditions that may affect you during the event should be clearly detailed on the reverse of your race number. Course officials will be located at regular intervals along the course and medical aid will be organized from notification to these officials. St John's ambulance staff will be on hand.
6.What happens if I pull out of the event?
A sweeper on a mountain bike follows the final competitor. Go to the nearest Aid Station or Road Marshal - they will arrange for your collection and delivery back to the race precinct at the earliest possible time.
7.What time do the races start on Sunday 22nd October 2017 and is there a cut off times?

Click on your chosen event to see the start time and cut off time:

8.What is the race etiquette?
  • Keep to the left of the course to allow people to pass on the right.
  • Do not stop or change directions suddenly.
  • Be courteous to your fellow participants at all times.
  • Always follow the directions of all race officials and emergency service personnel.
9.Can I walk in the Ultra Marathon, Marathon and Half Marathon?
Walking is permitted in all distances however participants should be aware of the cut off times.
10.Where do I leave my bags/clothing etc?

There will be provision for clothing and/or belongings (no valuables please) to be placed in a plastic bag marked with your race number. They will be left in officials tent at the race end on the Port Douglas Esplanade assigned to your race for retrieval. Belongings must be collected before 12pm.

11.Can I use Credit Card to pay?
Yes. When you register you will be asked to pay either by Credit Card or by PayPal. The Credit Card link is under the Paypal login area.
12.What are the entry procedures?

To ensure your participation on race day, please enter before the close of the online registration system. Registrations will close 11pm Sunday 15th October 2017.

There are two ways to enter:

  • Register online
  • On race day at the main marquee area on the Port Douglas Esplanade.
13.Can I change races?
Entries can be transferred between distances online with no additional charge with more than 30 days prior to the race. From 22nd September - 15th October, entries can be changed online but will incur a $30 admin fee.
14.What is the Entry Fee, and what does it include?
For details on entry fees, click here
15.Can I get a refund if I can't make it for the event?


- Any cancellation up to and including 21st September will receive a full refund (less a $30.00 administration fee).

- Refunds for cancellations after 21st September will be at the discretion of PDEM Management.

- Registrations cannot be transferred to another person.

- Registrations cannot be transferred to the following year’s event.

16.Can I wear earphones or head sets?
It is advisable that runners do not wear earphones or heat sets, however if you must please have one ear piece out so road marshalls and other runners can call out to you for safety.