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74KM JCU Ultra Marathon

With this years distance remaining at 74km, the course begins at 4am on Four Mile Beach with competitors heading south on compact sand for approx 4.5km, at this time you will require a head torch. You can drop your head torch at the end of Four Mile Beach with the allocated Drink Station or at the Bottom of the Bump Track. At the end of the beach the course then leads competitors out into the valleys behind Port Douglas along a combined terrain of cement, bitumen and trail before hitting the base of the infamous Bump Track. The Bump Track is approximately 6.5km long but with an initial incline of 350m over the first 2kms ... once up the "bump", the remainder of the course is a stunning trail run along an undulating ridge into Black Mountain. At the top of the Bump Track runners will turn left onto Black Mountain Road and continue to run 39km's through Mowbray and Kuranda National Parks.

This event requires all runners to carry their own nutrition, head torch, compression bandage, minimum 2lt hydration system & whistle. There is a 19km stretch from the Southern End of Black Mountain Road heading back north along the twin bridges leg of the course. There will be a bag drop available at both ends but ALL COMPETITORS must refill their hydration at the drink station prior to entering the 19km Twin Bridges part of the course. Failure to do so will see you stopped by the course marshalls.

42.195KM Steve Moneghetti Marathon

The marathon starts with the length of beautiful Four Mile Beach. The route turns away from the beach and takes runners through the outskirts of Port Douglas towards the Mowbray Valley. After 6km you reach the Mowbray River at Diggers Bridge known as Crocodile Creek as crocodiles do enter these waters.

From here there's about 7km on a backtracking stretch up the hill of Spring Creek Road where you pass the calm (and crocodile-free) stream of Spring Creek.

21.1KM Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas Half Marathon

The course starts on Four Mile Beach at 6:30am with runners enjoying the first 4.5km of flat compact sand at sunrise. The course then weaves its way out into the Mowbray Valley behind Port Douglas, past the sugar cane fields and historic cane train lines before turning back into the village of Port Douglas.

10KM NewsPort Daily

Starting at 7:30am the 10km event runs the length of Four Mile Beach before turning westward and weaving through park lands, through boarded mangroves and crossing little streams. Venturing back along the palm tree lined streets of Port Douglas to the Port Douglas Esplanade for a heroes finish.

5KM Bendigo Bank 5000

Participants make their way down Four Mile Beach for roughly 2.2km. Then they weave inland up a beach track, through a shaded creek area before heading back to the start/finish line along Port Douglas Road.

Minimum Impact for Trail Running in North Queensland

The TROPICAL JOURNEYS Great Barrier Reef Marathon Festival showcases the fantastic trail locations to run in the Port Douglas region. Before, during and after each event competitors, volunteers and supporters are to follow standard "leave no trace" environmental guidelines.

This is a requirement of the group activity permit and ensures the success of future permit applications to make sure this annual event continues each year. To reduce the runners carbon footprint, all competitors are encouraged to make use of transport provided by the event organisers. Contact Us