Sheraton Mirage Resort Half Marathon

The course heads straight up the magnificent length of Four Mile Beach.

With the start line being Four Mile Beach and the sun rise over the Coral Sea being the start "gun", there really is no other event like it. The 21.1km Sheraton Mirage Resort Port Douglas truly is a stunning half marathon adventure course unrivaled in Australia. The first 4.5km running on the compact beach sands of Port Douglas sets the scene for how spectacular this race will be.

At the end of the beach runners will turn inland and weave through the resort town streets before heading out into the Mowbray Valley along Mowbray River Road, past the sugar cane fields and towards Black Mountain, crossing over the historic Diggers Bridge before turning around at the Bendigo Bank half way water station.

From this point runners head back towards the beach the same way they came before turning left up Reef Street with the final 5.5km weaving through the streets of town with a final straight past The Sheraton Mirage Resort. The last 1500m brings you back to the start/finish area with a glory lap of the Port Douglas Esplanade in front of a great crowd.

This is not considered a fast course due to the terrain in which it runs along including beach, road, concrete, parks & trail. The 2015 winner Nick Carling completed this event in 1 hour and 21 minutes.


Date6 NOVEMBER 2016
Start Time6.30am
recommended arrival time: 5:45am - Port Douglas Esplanade Port Douglas.
Cut Off Time3.5hrs
CourseWill start and finish in Port Douglas. Course Map >>
Age RestrictionsMust be 15 years and over to compete
Age CategoriesMale: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 69+
Female: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 69+
Training DiariesHalf Marathon Training Diary by Steve Moneghetti >>
Winners Prizes1st Male / 1st Female
InclusionsCommemorative Medal & race singlet
Race Entry Fee$117 EARLY BIRD (On or before August 31st)
Online RegistrationCloses 12 midnight Thursday 3rd November.
In Person RegistrationIn person registrations can be made between 9am and 5pm on Saturday 5th November at the Port Douglas Esplanade Registration Tent
Registration Kit CollectionStart / Finish line. Pick up your registration kit at the registration tent set up on the Port Douglas Esplanade from 9am - 5pm on the day before the event, Saturday 5th November.
Festival FunctionsAfter Party @ Central Hotel from 6pm

Race Rules & Briefing

Race Kit Pick Up - Saturday 5th November on the Port Douglas Esplanade from 9 - 5pm. Cairns runners can get theirs on Wednesday prior at The FunShip Playground on Cairns Esplanade from 4 - 7pm. If you register after Monday 31st October 12:30pm you will need to collect your kit in Port Douglas on the 5th.

START TIME: 6:30am with race briefing 6:00am sharp. Bags can be left in the baggage area next to Registration Tent. GBRM takes no responsibility for valuables so please leave at your own risk.

CUT OFF TIME: 10:00am - You have 3.5 hours to complete the race, failure to do so will result in you being extracted from the course. If you have been pulled out of the race there is NO OPTION to continue on your own time. NO EXCEPTIONS. There will be a sweep bike with the last runner and will remain with until they finish.



·         Runners must give way to all cars and other pedestrians

·         Runners must stop / slow at the command of a road marshal

·         Signs are located at every road crossing point advising of traffic ahead as well as runners on the road




House keeping

·         Location of toilets on Esplanade & around the course (Craiglee, Connolly Road, Bruno Park on the way home)

·         Lead & sweep bikes

·         Rubbish – your responsibility. You must carry any rubbish created by you until you reach an event bin; these are  located at every drink station. Failure to dispose of rubbish in the allocated bins will result in Disqualification.

·         Cut off time is 10:00am -  3.5 hours after start time

·       Location of drink stations every 2 - 3 km. Each has electrolytes & water.


The Course

·         4.5km of beach turn right off the beach where the orange cones are, over the little bridge and along the path running beside Pullman Sea Temple. At the end, take caution, as you will cross Mitre St, listen to marshal and stop for traffic if the marshal directs you.

·         Continue north up Mitre Street along the footpath, turn left onto Nautilus Street and continue along the footpath to Old Port Road, follow all the way along to Captain Cook highway. Remaining on the footpath past Paws & Claws, past Plantation Resort.

·         Go UNDER the bridge and turn LEFT to head out toward Mowbray Valley. There are public toilets just to the right should you need before heading to Mowbray Valley.

·         Follow alongside the cane fields all the way to the back of the Big 4 Caravan Park.

·         From here follow Mowbray River road all the way along, over the bridge towards the Connolly / Mowbray Road intersection – this is your turn around point!

·         There is a toilet at this point.

·         From this point you return back along the way you came, all the way to the beach

·         Once you almost get to the beach there’ll be a drink station and a big TURN LEFT arrow, continue along Reef Street, being aware of traffic at all points as these roads are not closed and you’re expected to run at least 2.5m from the side of the road. You’ll cross over 4 streets and a park entrance along here, there are marshals on each point so please look, listen and obey direction from them. Failure to do so will result in DQ.

·         Opposite The Beach Shack, you’ll turn right into a little pathway in which you follow all the way through Bruno Reidwig Park.

·        There are toilets on the right.

·         From here you will be running on the RHS of the road all the way to the end – be aware there are over 20 driveways along this point with orange cones every 15 metres, please keep to the right of the cones and be aware of cars backing out of driveway.

·        At the north end of Solander Boulevard you’ll cut left up along the path all the way to Port Douglas Rd, before turning right and running all the way along the edge of the Sheraton Mirage property, over the Sheraton driveway – smile for the camera – then to Port Sea resort where a marshal will point you right.

·         Last stretch is a “dog leg” through Tide, Sand, Beryl and Garrick Street before coming around to the right and doing a glory lap along the Esplanade. 

·         Wellness @ Port will be on hand to provide 10min massages for everyone



·        You must complete the marked course on foot under your own power. Trekking poles are permitted.

·        Your race bib must be visible at all times on the front of your body.

·        The use of iPods or other music players with headphones is allowed only one low with one ear piece out. You must remain aware of your surroundings at all times.

·        You must stay on the marked course.  Short cuts are not permitted.  If you think you have gone the wrong way, go back.

·        During the course there are times in which you will be running across roads & driveways

·        Be diligent at all times and follow direction of road marshals. Should they ask you to stop you MUST STOP. This is for your safety. Should you disobey a direct order from a marshal your bib # will be taken and you will be disqualified

·        You have 3.5 Hours to complete this event

·        All volunteers have the authority of PDEM to withdraw a runner if they show signs of distress and are deemed to be a liability to themselves and others

·        Should you see another runner in need of assistance, you are required to stop and give attention until a volunteer or St. johns member arrives and dismisses you

·        Drop zones apply for each water station – bins at start & finish of water station to dispose of rubbish. Failure to dispose appropriately may result in DQ

·        It is your responsibility to get your name ticked off at each designated checkpoint.

·        If you need First Aid help on the course you must attract the attention of another runner, track user, motorist or go to the nearest checkpoint or to the finish line. 

·        If you withdraw from the event, you must report to the closest checkpoint or finish line and hand in your race bib.

·        Minimal roads are closed for this event. Obey all road rules and give way to vehicles and pedestrians

·        Pets/Dogs anywhere along the course are prohibited – this applies to competitors, volunteers, support crew and spectators.

·        Support crews must follow the instructions of race officials.

·        The event organisers are not responsible for the safety or whereabouts of support crew.

·        For safety reasons wheelchairs are unable to compete in this event

Best of luck, see you at the finish line!


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